The Store

bc0cc47f29f6db49135677611b0dd7bbBride of June was just a whimsical idea not too long ago. It seemed like the dream of a little girl.

The more I kept thinking about it the more real it became.

I started looking for ideas and inspiration on Pinterest and  around me. In fabric stores, homes, and while on vacation, I became inspired. Everywhere there is inspiration but you need to slow down to look around and actually SEE what is there. So many people are oblivious to their surroundings (for example the people who drive in the fast lane and go the same speed as the slow lane… *face palm*).

The first class I took at The University of Iowa that had to do with business really inspired me. Entrepreneurship and Innovation was AMAZING and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about business and entrepreneurship. Joe Sulentic is by far one of the BEST professors I have ever had. I owe him for getting me motivated to move forward with my ideas and pushing me, and encouraging me with my plans.

In that class I was able to form a rough draft of a business plan for Bride of June. And when I say rough, I mean reaalllyyy rough. There are number estimates in there that seem reasonable, but then again I’m not a math major! I was also able to think about the style and atmosphere of the store. My Favorite Part!

In an ideal situation the store would be located somewhere in the Midwest. Preferably Colorado or Iowa. I love where I grew up but I’m a country girl at heart and can’t help myself when I see open ranges and mountains in the distance!

I would have the store in an old historic house with a porch, hardwood floors and crown molding. All the bells and whistles of a house that you see in historic neighborhoods. Like the ones on Summit Street in Iowa City. I drive down that street everyday and still can’t help but look at all of them.


The colors would be pastel. I always thought that robin egg blue, light pink, gold, and a light mint green would be pretty. I can’t pull myself away from those colors. Their vintage and I love that.


The decor would be rustic and vintage. Victorian style furniture with country accents, such as trunks and bird cages. Especially wood details. Maybe an old door with etched glass, bookshelves, and end tables. With black and white wedding photos, such as Princess Grace Kelly’s wedding photo. OH! And exposed bricks somewhere. Inside or outside, I don’t really care! I just love them so much!



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