Bright Colors in Receptions and on Runways

As 2014 approaches, the trends for the coming year are beginning to show themselves. These trends include bright colors that make anyone happy when they walk into a room!

Photo credited to Montse PB via Flickr

Photo credited to Montse PB via Flickr

At the starting point, the color pallets are bright hues of every color. From canary yellow to scarlet red, they are in your face and take you to another place. Whether you’re in a skyscraper in the big city, or in a hotel in your hometown, once you step into the reception you forget all of that, and believe you have been transported to a bohemian, Moroccan, Bollywood paradise.

These bold colors have moved from everyday fashion to the wedding world. Each color began to show itself one at a time, being paired with other subtle colors such as white, ivory, grey, silver, gold, and black. Then they started to mix together, and the colors began to show up in patterns adorning stationary and table settings. Intricate lattice work has made itself an asset to the bride who loves small and simple details. These can be repeated shapes or intricate designs that won’t overwhelm you.

The colors and designs are being pulled from other Eastern cultures that love bright and vibrant colors. The jewel tones mixed with gold give it a glamorous and fun atmosphere where anyone would feel comfortable dancing all night!

To accompany these amazing jewel tones in the reception and invitations, designers have turned their eyes towards the wedding dress, making people gasp with Oooh’s and Ahhh’s.

Photo credited to Chankai via Flickr

Photo credited to Chankai via Flickr

Vera Wang’s fall 2014 bridal runway looks are the perfect example of these colorful gowns. Her line was entirely pink! From soft baby pink to bright coral these dresses are beautiful in color (and would be gorgeous in white too)! “Pink as sensual, pink as seductive, pink as dreamy, pink as sophisticated, pink as strong, pink as cool. Think pink!” This is the lines motto, and it sure does fit!

Wedding dresses have been offered in different colors for a while, such as white, off white, peach and on some occasion’s red. Red is widely used in cultures in the East for wedding gowns, and with the United States being so diverse other styles are offered that include other cultures.

Now with dresses starting to come in many colors, brides are able to showcase their style and personality through their creative and unique dress matching their bright and colorful decorations.

To any bride who has a traditional family, I salute you for wearing one of these bright, beautiful and extravagant gowns!