487126_10151387080040337_1488514489_n_2Growing up in Iowa I’ve always been inspired by the antique and quilt shops that my mom and grandma used to, and still do, take me to. The intricacies of the small jewelry, the simplicity of the gowns, and the elegance in the furniture intrigued me.

Before I get into my inspirations and ideas let me tell you a little about myself!

I’m 20 years old. Born and raised in Iowa. And yes I do have relatives who farm.

I was a tomboy all my life up until the end of high school. Then I finally realized what I looked like when I stepped out of the house! Haha!

I am currently attending The University of Iowa studying Journalism and Entrepreneurship, as well as a little bit of English (I love my books!).

I refuse to work for huge chain companies (such as Hyvee which every high school student seems to do). I have loved the two jobs that I’ve had and love the fact that both have a little something to do with weddings in some shape or form (Flowers and Cupcakes!).

Alright, back to my inspirations!

All of these little details led me to weddings, especially the dresses. The elegance of the way the fabric falls on the body is gorgeous. Whether it is an A-line, trumpet, fit and flare, ball gown, or any of the others. There’s always “The One” that every girl can find that will make her big day perfect.

Another one of my passions since I was a little girl, and forever will entice me on cold rainy nights, is reading. I believe that books can take you to a place that nobody can. They can take you away from a stressful day of work and put you into the arms of a lover, on a horse in the Montana countryside, or even on a far away planet where plants and animals coexisted and lived as one. The possibilities are truly endless.

I fell in love with these things and have a dream to bring them all together. It’s my dream to one day work for a wedding magazine, or even open up my own wedding boutique some day.

If I keep pushing, some day those dreams may actually become reality.

Commenting on my blog:

  • When commenting on my blog please keep your manors in mind! I love helpful and constructive criticisms and will take any advice that you will offer.
  • If I feel that a comment is rude in anyway and has nothing to do with the post, I reserve the right to remove it.
  • Other than this please enjoy the blog and comment and engage with me and other readers!

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