An Engagement Photo Story & Advice

Ben and Kelsie are a newly engaged couple who allowed me to tag along with them while they were getting their engagement photos shot by Joseph Green Studios, a new photographer to the wedding scene.

Ben, Kelsie and Joe give their insights on the engagement shoot and a little bit of advice for your own photos!

Take Ben and Kelsies advice of doing what you like, and apply it to your clothes as well. I talked to an experienced photographer, Barb Gordon of Gordon Photography, about what couples should and should not wear. I went through some closets to show that people can find what they need in what they already have, and you don’t have to go buy new clothes. Wear what you love!

To aid you history lovers and questions about how engagement photo shoots came about, I put together a little slideshow to give you a brief overview!

The History of Engagement Photos

I really enjoyed working on these pieces and I hope you enjoyed them too!

Some of the information in the timeline came from All Dressed in White by Carol McD. Wallace and Cinderella Dreams The Allure of the Lavish Wedding by Cele C. Otnes and Elizabeth H. Pleck.


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