Cheap Wedding Venues with Expensive Views

Photo Credited to Rachel Kramer via Flickr

Photo Credited to Rachel Kramer via Flickr

While roaming the Internet not long ago I came across an article about weddings on a budget and where to get a cheap venue. They suggested renting a VRBO home! I thought it was brilliant! 

For those of you who do not know what VRBO is, it is a “Vacation Rental By Owner.” People post their secondary homes on this site to rent it out throughout the year and earn some extra income.

From personal experience of taking family vacations with at VRBO homes, these are great ways to have fun with family and feel more at home than at a hotel.

Although you don’t have a maid to come in and clean after you destroy the bed, the ability to go to the fridge and get a bottle of water, or something to eat without paying an arm or a leg is nice.

The price to rent out one of these houses instead of a venue can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Depending on the style, size, and location of your wedding, it can make a difference on how much you will be paying for the venue.

Another nice thing about renting out a VRBO for the wedding is you could use it as both the ceremony and the reception. Using the house for the bridal party to get ready, and the yard for the ceremony and reception. You then have the ability to bring in whoever you want to cater the wedding! No restrictions or butting heads with that hotel!

With all of these great aspects there are some catches. First off you have to find a house where the owner would be willing to have wedding at. Don’t get your heart set on one until you’ve okayed it with the owner. Some people won’t be fond of having to clean up after a large party!

Along with the freedom comes the stress of planning. Since there are no wedding coordinator’s for these homes like there would be at the hotels and venues, you have to work everything out yourself. If you are worried about this, I’d suggest hiring a wedding planner so you don’t have to stress about it on your big day!

When searching for a house to rent try looking for a house that has some land so you have the ability to pitch a tent if needed. Also make sure parking won’t be a problem for your guests! As always, a house with more than one bathroom is nice (especially if the bridesmaids are getting ready there!)!

I love the uniqueness of these houses and hope you are inspired to look at them and try to have your own wedding at one!

Photo Credited to Larry Lamsa via Flickr

Photo Credited to Larry Lamsa via Flickr

Happy House Hunting!


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