Fall Floral Farewells

All photos taken by Anna Hobart.

As the fall season is coming to a close we have to say goodbye to some of the beautiful warm, welcoming colors of the fall season and welcome in the cool, brisk colors of winter.

Lets take a look at some of the beautiful colors we will be saying goodbye to by looking at a florist getting ready for a fall wedding!

Peck’s Green Thumb Nursery is a flower shop, garden center, and nursery all on one lot of land in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It is a beautiful place to take the kids for a Halloween weekend, complete with hayrack rides, face painting, a kiddie sized maze and trick or treating. It also has an Easter egg hunt and other fun activities to do throughout the year!

This lovely family-run shop is the perfect place to go to feel a warm and caring welcome and great service!

For this particular wedding it was Pam’s niece’s wedding (Pam is pictured in photos above). With this wedding close to home she took extra care to make sure that everything was done right.

The photos here show Pam and her coworker putting together the centerpieces for the red and orange themed wedding.

The center pieces start with an amber or red vase and a piece of floral foam.

Each piece is then fitted with greenery to tie them all together. They will look exactly the same with only the greenery in them. This is the filler for the pieces, and the special flowers come next!

The final touches are then put in the greenery pieces to finish it off. In this case the main floral pieces were daisies, lilies and roses. There were four different variations of these flowers in the two colors.

Red roses and orange gerber daises, red roses and orange lilies, orange roses and red gerber daises and orange roses and red lilies.

Each individual center piece is gorgeous by itself, and beautifully done when placed altogether as a cohesive piece.

Stop in at Peck’s to see their beautiful flowers in the spring, summer and fall, christmas trees and other greenery for the winter, as well as their home accessories all year round!


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