Strapless Gowns are Falling Down

Over the past few years, strapless gowns have been the staple of the wedding industry. They make up a majority of the gowns designed, and sold. Recently designers have begun to nudge these strapless beauties out of the spotlight.

We are making our way back to covering the shoulders and neckline, that had been “not so sexy” in the past. Ever since Kate Middleton’s appearance in her custom dress, designed by Sarah Burton, the creative director of fashion for Alexander McQueen, popularity of long sleeves and additional coverage on the neckline have increased tremendously.

I believe that designers were waiting for an “in” to bring back these styles, and Kate Middleton’s wedding was the gateway. Seen in compilations of the best wedding dresses predating Kate’s wedding, the majority of the dresses were fashioned as a strapless or one-shoulder gown.

As trends usually go, they come in with a bang and tend to stick around a while until all the brides start to catch on, then once everyone is on board the next trend comes out. This is what happened here. The strapless gowns came and stuck around well past Kate Middleton’s wedding; she was just the beginning of the tide.

You can see that the most popular gowns during and after Kate’s were strapless. Brides finally started to ease their way into this trend by going with small, off-the-shoulder straps, spaghetti straps, and illusion boat necklines.

Within the past year, brides have picked up the trend more, and are now starting to take the plunge into long sleeve gowns, full coverage bateau necklines, and high necklines that replicate a turtleneck.

With these styles finally starting to take over and push the strapless gown to the side, a new trend is starting to show now.

Look for this new trend in an upcoming post!


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