Wedding Gown Allure

Not many men, and some women, understand why women spend a good chunk of their paycheck on a wedding gown they will only wear once. They find it impractical and unnecessary to buy something that costs so much, when you can use that money for something practical, such as a new car or replacing something that’s falling apart at home.

What they don’t understand is THE dress will make a bride feel like she’s a billion bucks. Not just a million, a billion. Although I haven’t felt this feeling myself yet, I know that it’s out there.

Wedding dress

It’s when you get up in the morning knowing it’s an important day and you have to look your best, but everything goes wrong. Your hair is all over the place, your makeup looks like a clown did it, and for the life of you, you can’t seem to fix it. 

Then, you put on your favorite outfit, the one you want to wear everyday of your life but you set aside for special occasions; and you transform. That’s when you go from an ugly duckling to a gorgeous swan. Without even changing a thing about you, you feel reborn.

This is what THE wedding gown does. It makes you invincible, no matter how hard you try to look ugly, you will always feel beautiful in it. This is why women spend so much money on a dress that they wear once.

They want the love of their life, the man they want to spend the rest of their life with, to remember her when she feels her best, to remember everyday they live together what she looked like the day she walked down the aisle.

Photographs will preserve the way you look and the expressions on everyones face, to see how gorgeous you are in that dress, but nobody can remember how good you felt about yourself that day, except you.

I encourage any future bride to look for a dress that they will love, even if they hate shopping. You never know what could happen. You may find THE dress and wonder why you ever thought it was ridiculous to spend money on a dress.

Take a chance and fall for the allure of the wedding gown!


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