Short Wedding Gowns are Taking Stage


Shorter hemlines have been the trend as of lately. In one bridal collection, by Carolina Herrera for Fall 2014, all the dresses that walked down the runway were, at most, ankle length. The majority of the collection had a hemline just above the knee.

Fall 2014 Collection - From

Fall 2014 Collection – From

It is all too apparent that times are changing, and wedding gowns are changing with it. Although some religions call for the bride to have modest skin showing while in the church; some brides are throwing caution to the wind and revealing as much as they can. Designers, such as Pnina Tornai, flirt with the modesty and the revealing of a bridal gown, meshing the two together.

These short dresses are allowing brides to show who they are as a person; without getting too risqué. If a bride wants a short dress for the reception, but not the ceremony, she can look into options that provide a detachable long skirt to take of during the reception. Or they can look into another trend, which is to have a layer of tulle over the skirt of the gown, creating a dreamy flow. One has to be careful with this; you don’t want the dress to look like the lingerie for the wedding night!

Take a peak at the line by Carolina Herrera featured on Fashionologie and Glamour Weddings. These Website’s have a very similar way of presenting the line. Each gives a glimpse of the line, with little information.

Fashionologie included a nice blurb on the first slide about the line and what her idea was behind the designs. I want to know more about the pieces; what they’re made of, what they’re styled after, and what style of wedding each dress would fit.

Again this type of post is better suited for the fashion goer that likes to browse new fashion lines quickly. For those who are interested in the background and concepts in the design you will have to go elsewhere.


For those of you who need help picturing what type of wedding each of these gowns would be suitable for, I have put together my first impressions of the dresses that were featured on Glamour Weddings.

Dress #1 – With lace and the delicate bows down the front, this dress makes me think of a corset design. The bows give it the look of the ties in the front that are sometimes seen on corsets, but without the restrictiveness of a dress with corset boning. 

Dress #2 – The first thing I thought when I saw this dress was a southern belle; debutantes, bows and glitz. On a plantation with wildflowers and tea; this dress would be great for the reception.

Dress #3 – This dress automatically struck me as the elegant and soft spoken bride. The girl that comes off shy and has a simple wedding filled with flower details. The cap sleeves and tulle covering the chest and collarbone gives a sophisticated look.

Dress #4 – Victorian details are most evident here. Extravagant details in a small space make it instantly elegant. The skirt on the dress also makes it sleek because of it’s clean cut lines. I can see this dress in a wedding with roses, lace, statues, and lush greenery.

Dress #5 – This dress is fit for a modern bride, or one looking for an art deco dress. It looks to be embellished with art deco flowers on the bodice and geometric shapes at various spots on the remainder of the dress.

Dress #6 – Anybody who sees this dress will immediately think of a flapper and the 1920’s. The entire dress is covered with beading and a feather skirt that was made to be danced in. The Gatsby or 20’s bride would be perfect for this dress.

Dress #7 – The details of this dress remind me of the 50’s tea length dresses. With lots of tulle and puff, you can get that look again with this dress, and can even make it your own by adding more tulle underneath to fluff it up.

Dress #8 – Simple elegance embodies this dress. It is a classy streamlined dress that would be great for the mature bride looking for glitz that isn’t overwhelming or gaudy. The details around the collarbone and shoulders looks to be based off of flowers that could be found in art deco pieces.

Dress #9 – This dress is all about the whimsical. With leaf shaped applique’s draped over the dress, this is made for that whimsical bride focused on a organic, forest and fairy theme.

Dress #10 – Romance is written all over this last dress. With a lace v-neck top, possibly a chiffon bow around the waist, stripes on the skirt and soft feathers along the hemline, this dress brings together all of the details found in a romantic themed dress. Perfect for a wedding themed around the 20’s and 30’s with the feather feature.


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