Social Media Aids Love

Since the start of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, there have been stories of catfishing that have scared people into believing that everyone you meet online isn’t who they say they are. They’ve even made a popular MTV show based on this phenomena called Catfish.

Don’t believe everything you see on TV! Online sites such as, Christian Mingle, eHarmony and others have had major results from online dating. Who says you can’t get the same results through social media outlets?

Today we are looking at two stories of using social media to both, meet your future fiancé, as well as planning a wedding using a fiancé’s social media.

First up we have Instagram!

Instagram isn’t the first social media site that someone would think of when trying to meet someone, but Robin and Matthew did!

It’s an amazing story that is profiled through a video, giving you the entire story with some flare and emotional touches. The video adds to the story and gives it something that photos don’t always give.

Robin and Matthew’s story is touching and helps you realize that there are many people that meet in unconventional ways. These two met by following each other’s Instagram accounts just for the sheer fact that they liked each others photos.

Building a relationship through comments on one another’s photos is odd, but they decided to meet one day and start a collection of their own photos.

I’m glad that HuffPost Weddings shared the video, made by Driftwood Visual on Vimeo, because it is a story that you wouldn’t be able to see the whole picture (pun intended) unless you were able to see their Instagram posts.

Adding the slideshow at the bottom of the post continues to make the reader feel for the couple and acknowledges that these two are just like any other couple.

The written notes from Robin and Matthew on the first day they met were also a very nice, personal touch.

Pinterest goers listen up!

If you have a boyfriend, pay attention ladies! This man used his girlfriend’s Pinterest to plan her “perfect” wedding without even including her in on it! Ryan and Amanda shared their story through a short film.

This article does a great job of bringing together all of the pieces. After searching for the story, this article provided by CBS6 in Richmond, was the only article that included more than just a short paragraph and had a viewable video.

Although the video is really long it allows you to get to know the couple well through the way you see them interact. I would have liked to see a snapshot of Amanda’s Pinterest board to get a sense of what it looked like, and what her style was.

The video might also repel people to watch because it is thirty minutes long. If they gave a teaser video, like a preview of a movie, they would be able to entice people to watch the video and click through to the longer version.

Using text to supplement the video was necessary. In order to tell someone with a short amount of time what was going on there had to be additional information.

The story was beautiful and emotional. I started tearing up quite often during the video!

In conclusion, when looking for your sweetheart, don’t immediately write people off because you meet them online. They could be the one!


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