Carley Roney: Editor in Chief or Extraordinary Task Master?

The Knot has glamorous photos of women in wedding gowns from cover-to-cover. Their website and Facebook provide information for a planning bride that many wish they had when they were planning their own wedding. With categories in everything you can imagine, The Knot is a place of inspiration for weddings. The amazing business has been maintained by their Editor-in-Chief Carley Roney from the beginning.

Carley Roney on breaking into an established market

After getting married in a whirlwind wedding with her husband and co-worker, David Liu, she realized how much of a hassle it was to plan a wedding. This is when they noticed that the wedding industry was missing out on many aspects of wedding planning. There was not a publication that acknowledged the issues and “messy stuff” that came along with weddings, as mentioned on the New York University alumni site.

Carley started off her new business venture with educating herself by reading back issues of bridal magazines, according to Business Insider.

When visiting with Business Insider, Carley said that The Knot started off with four employees, her husband, herself and two mutual friends. The beginning was rough and they were working 16 hour days, seven days a week; this was only the beginning. Fifteen minutes after obtaining their first venture-capitalist financing, Carley had her daughter, Havana.

Taking just two and a half weeks of maternity leave, Carley returned to the office with baby Havana in tow. When both Carley and David were busy, the intern would babysit Havana in the office. Carley was an around-the-clock editor and mother from the get-go. Carley told Business Insider, “There’s no such thing as work-life balance. It’s work-life imbalance.” After launching their online site in 1997, the business relied on word-of-mouth marketing and they created a place for women to communicate with other women, who were in the same mindset.

Carley and David knew that not everyone would rely on just The Knot for their inspiration; this did not bother them. They knew that women would walk out of the store with multiple publications, and in the future they would have an account on Pinterest. They believe that if people are finding inspiration elsewhere, if it is making the consumer happy, then so be it. They told Business Insider that a healthy ecosystem is better for business.

After reading the article “8 Years To Fall In Love And 18 Years Of Startup Madness: The Knot’s Married Founders Tell All,” published online by Business Insider, I’ve come to love the publication even more than before. I love that both Carley and her husband, David, didn’t start out in the magazine world, and they still managed to create an amazing business with several platforms.

I have so much respect for Carley Roney for starting a business and a family at the same time. It is difficult to be an entrepreneur and start a business with a significant other, especially when you’re expecting! It’s been said that most couples split up while one is working on a new venture, but Carley and David made it.

This article supported our reading that editing has now become a 24-hour job, especially when it’s your own business. This is what scares me, but excites me about finding a job in the magazine industry. I know that at times it will demand a large portion of my time, but starting a family is also an aspiration. They are both my dreams and I’m sure I will find a way to achieve them both. After all, Carley Roney achieved this, and much more.


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