Every Bride Needs a Superhero

For those who love their comics and superhero movies, your favorite characters can make a large, or small, appearance at your wedding.

Whether it be subtle or extravagant, who doesn’t want a superhero to save the day?!

Personally I love superhero movies and comics (Thor is my main man :)).

Superhero Cufflinks

To incorporate your superhero’s into the wedding subtly you can go with the small details scattered throughout the day.

You can start with the groom and the groomsmen. Use their outfits to allow them to sport their favorite hero. They can do this by wearing a t-shirt under their suite, having hero cufflinks, ties, tie clips, handkerchiefs, shoelaces, or even using the colors in their boutonniere.

Leaving the men behind, we move onto the decorations of the wedding and the reception.

Superhero's in Disguise!

When having a superhero theme that isn’t nonchalant, the possibilities for decorations are endless! From toy figurines as center pieces to mandatory costume attire, your wedding doesn’t have to be all glitz and bow ties.

When having a more formal wedding, using the heroes in subtle ways is best. Using the logos on wedding favors, creating specialty drinks based on characters, or even including it into the desert portion can work.

Use your cake as an opportunity to showcase your favorite characters and where they come from! Even use toy figurines as the wedding topper.

For your cake you can have two, and make them complete opposites of each other; one being formal and the other fun; one for the bride and one for the groom. You can also incorporate, or hide, a little detail on the cake as well. A popular trend that has been occurring is splitting the cake in half and using to different designs. This way you don’t have two entirely different cakes!

If you think about it, you can subtly include your favorite hero into your wedding from your nails to the guests attire. Be creative and think outside the box!

Follow my Pinterest board for more ideas!

Follow my Pinterest board for more ideas!


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