Kid-Friendly Weddings

After seeing the article, “Kids At Weddings: Readers Discuss Whether Or Not Children Are Welcome,” I thought I should give you some ideas on how to keep kids occupied and happy while at a wedding!

From years of not having little kids on my mom’s side of the family, we welcome any interaction with the kiddos!

For the ceremony it’s a little trickier because they have to stay quiet and in one spot. For the older kids you can always bring along small games, or even a smart phone with games on it (Just make sure to turn the volume off!). If they are able to sit on the floor they can play matching games, maybe even a small puzzle!

The reception is a totally different scenario though. Here you can have louder games or more involved games rather than quiet activities.

You can create placemat activities with mazes, word searches, coloring, and more during dinner. A good way to get some ideas for a placemat is to go to a bookstore and go down the aisle that has activity books. There, you can scan through books to see what there is and mold the activities to fit a wedding theme.

For an interactive game you could create a scavenger hunt with disposable cameras and a list of objects to find during the wedding. Whoever gets all of the items first will get a special prize!

If it is an outdoor reception you can set up some games and toys to play with. For example you can have bag toss, hula hoops, bubble activities, and more!

For indoor activities you can have twister, board games, a dress up box, or even a photo booth. What a great way to remember the kids at the wedding than photos from the booth (Plus the adults will enjoy it as well)!

If you are interested in having an adult-only wedding reception you can look into hiring a babysitter, or babysitter’s, to watch over the kids in a separate room or area so that they are not interfering with the festivities!

Have you seen any creative ideas to keep children entertained? Comment Below!


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