Small Bites and Great Advice!

When looking for ideas for your wedding, don’t get glued to Pinterest! Although it can be a good aid to stimulate ideas, it can also paint the picture of the perfect wedding. Just like how Riley Mullane, from Unique Events, told me in our conversation (If you haven’t checked out my interview, do it!). When you get the perfect picture painted in your mind it will be disappointing when it comes to that special day.

Get creative and go out to some restaurants that fit the occasion you are trying to get across. If you are wanting smaller foods look at the appetizers and order a couple of plates instead of ordering a full meal. Finger foods and small portions are really in right now! You can dress it up, or down. You can have caviar, or sliders.

Finger Food

Photo courtesy of Wagner T. Cassimiro of Flickr

Budget keeping you from going out and exploring foods? Check out food websites. They aren’t just good for delicious recipes; they also have great ideas on what to serve and what’s trending.

For example, Delish has a great website to take quick glimpses at what is out there. Delish does a great job of organizing their website into categories so you aren’t stumbling upon articles that have to do with tailgating when you’re looking for your dinner plates. They also give you links to what is most popular at that moment, allowing you to go straight to food, cakes, drinks, and so on.

Once you find the article you want, such as, “11 New Wedding Food Trends to Embrace,” you’re given a description of the article at the top and a slideshow appears for easy browsing. A feature that I find convenient, is the option to choose to look at just the pictures in thumbnails, instead of scrolling through all the ideas. It allows you to go straight to an idea that looks appealing to have at your wedding.

Clicking on one of the thumbnails will bring you back into the slideshow format, and will give you a short paragraph on what the picture, or idea, is. More often, than not, there is a recipe link that you can follow to find out the ingredients and how to make the delicious treat.

The slideshow format may get annoying if you are wanting to click through all of the ideas instead of just looking at the thumbnail pictures. While going through the slideshow there are several ads that come up between the slides. It is annoying, but expected of online websites.

Another great addition they include, is a link in the introduction paragraph suggesting another article related to the one you are viewing; this certainly makes for easy searching!


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