Attitudes Shape Experience – Audio

Hi Bride of June listeners! Today I am sharing a conversation I had with an Iowa City DJ and event service, Unique Events. I spoke to Riley, one of the original DJ’s and a key part to their operations. This is a privilege to speak to Riley because they have won three awards from the major bridal magazine and website, The Knot! They achieved these awards by not only having passion for what they do, but by receiving 5 out of 5 stars on the wedding review website WeddingWire!

During my conversation, Riley talks about how his team is very close knit, and that they are all moving the business forward together. Without the rest of his team they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Riley also goes on to talk about how one’s attitude can affect the experience that they have when preparing for their event, and also their big day. Someone’s attitude doesn’t just affect them, it reflects in those around you as well.


DJ Mixing board. Courtesy of Creative Commons.

DJ Mixing board. Courtesy of Creative Commons.

“Riley was not feeling the best at our reception but none of our guests would have been able tell, he is a trooper and stayed the whole night and we really appreciate that :)” – Jess, WeddingWire

“On the morning of the wedding [Bill Tandy] called me to see if we needed him to get anything on his way there. He then arrived and set up about 6 hrs early. He helped keep things on task. Looking at pictures of the wedding I see he carried the back of my daughters wedding dress outside so it wouldn’t get dirty before she walked up the aisle. He served drinks to the wedding party after the wedding and brought them desserts and refilled their glasses during dinner and toasts. He made the whole night run smoothly and special for us.” – Cheryl, WeddingWire

To read reviews, and learn more about Unique Events, visit the Unique Events Profile on WeddingWire.

With my entire conversation including more than just these subjects, look for more clips from Riley soon!

To read the conversation between Riley and I, please see the “Attitudes Shape Experience” Full Transcript.


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