Presenting ‘Real Weddings’ Online

To view more from Jed & Anna's wedding visit the John Allen Photography website.

To view more from Jed & Anna’s wedding visit the John Allen Photography website.

Many brides are looking toward other weddings to gain inspiration. Browsing through photos and reading about the details of the wedding is a great way to get information on what you think works and what doesn’t work. First you have to find a site that presents these real weddings in a format that you like best. Do you want more text or more images?

Story Mode

Bridal Musings, a “chic and unique wedding blog,” provides countless images for their “Real Weddings,” along with text to get to know the bride. As the viewer, you create a connection with this bride and know why she chose certain aspects of the wedding. For example someone may not understand why the couple chose to have a wedding at that location, but maybe it is a sentimental spot for them.

The little details are what make this site’s portrayal of real weddings so intimate. The bride getting a hand written letter from her groom, and the catering staff preparing the courses. With Bridal Musings you are able to follow along with the photographs to get a feel for the entire day, as if you attended the wedding, but here you get to see more than most guests at a wedding.


Martha Stewart Weddings  is a magazine with an online medium. Their site’s “Real Weddings” layout is the polar opposite of Bridal Musings. Martha Stewart’s site has a slideshow format for easy and quick scrolling. You get a glimpse into the lives of the featured couple and what their wedding style is all about. Along with each photo is a short paragraph describing what the photo is and details on what is in each photo.

Martha Stewart’s site is great if you are a bride who needs details on who catered, what dress the bride is wearing and so on.  There are also short explanations of why the bride and groom chose what was featured in that photo. Links are given to show who the gown designer, stationary, and photographer are.

Between these two sites, there is no wrong answer. Bridal Musings is a story format and very visual. If you want to see every aspect and detail that makes up the wedding, Martha Stewart’s site would be the one for you. When looking for short clips on who the bride used for catering, photography and gown selection, Martha Stewart Weddings would be the site to visit. Combining these two sites’ approaches would be great to get both the story and the sources of the items featured in the photos.


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