DIY: Foil Art Piece for Wedding

When looking through art projects on Pinterest, I remembered in elementary school that we did an art project with foil and creating textures. I searched and searched for something along the lines of what we had done, and finally found success at Make It… A Wonderful Life.

Their steps are super simple so I grabbed one of my sketch pads and started coming up with a design.

Art Deco Design

With art deco trending, I thought I’d do a design based around that.

I did a more decorative design, but you could use this for table numbers or decorative pieces around the reception.

After finishing my drawing I grabbed a canvas that I had sitting in my closet (I finally had a use for it!). With my luck my sketching paper fit almost perfectly onto the canvas. I trimmed the top and bottom a little bit so that it would fit on the canvas.

Art Deco CanvasI then grabbed a bottle of rubber cement and glued the paper to the canvas. This was easy as pie. After letting it dry I was ready to start tracing my design with glue.

Not knowing which type of glue would work best for this project, I went ahead and got the new formula, heavy duty, Elmer’s Glue.

Art Deco Glue, Elmer'sEverything looked like it was going great after testing out how much I should twist the cap, and how hard to squeeze the bottle.

After finishing my quick test run I went ahead and started tracing my pencil outline. Moments after starting on my project and tracing a good amount of the easy lines, I realized that the glue I chose was not suited for this kind of project.

Art Deco Glue, Aleene's

After creating a straight line with the glue, it began to bead up and create wavy lines, where they did not belong. I was remarkably frustrated. I couldn’t just wipe off the glue. I decided I’d let it dry and then I’d put more glue on the thin areas. After I fixed it, as best as I could, I went out and bought stronger glue that would hold it’s form better.

Art Deco Foil ProjectOnce I found a glue that would hold it’s form, I finished the project. Slowly. In order for the glue to not run together and pool into a big blob, I had to do sections at a time. This took a few days since I have a busy schedule outside of blogging!

The glue was finally dry and it was time for me to wrap the canvas in foil! To start off I put a thin layer of cement glue all over the canvas so that the foil would take a better hold onto the canvas. You can choose to have the shiny side or the dull side up. I chose the dull side because I didn’t want to get blinded every time I looked at it! Plus I like the softness of the dull side.

Art Deco Cotton SwabAs fast as you can, press down the foil (without tearing it!) so that the glue can take hold of the foil. I personally used my fingers to press down the large open spaces, and feel my way along my design until I could tell where everything was.

Once I had an idea I grabbed a cotton swab and started to smooth everything out. This helped tremendously with not tearing the foil. I was able to press down the spots that had more detail to make the glue spots stand out.

Art Deco Foil ProjectOne spot that I had trouble with was folding the corners down without tearing them. I got all of them, except one. I folded down the foil, as if I was wrapping a present which helped, and then glued down the excess to the back of the canvas.

After getting all of my glue design visible it was time to add some more texture!

It’s easiest to grab something nearby that doesn’t have a sharp end. In my case it was the rounded end of a bobby pin. You could also use: dulled pencils, the end of a paint brush, spoons, etc. Be creative on how you get varied textures!

Not wanting my piece to become a busy mess, I chose to stick with a few textures that were simple and easy. Dots, swirls, and stripes!

After finishing my textures, and when I was satisfied with them, I used my fingers to smooth down the areas once more where I had added the texture. By doing this it smoothed out any spots that had bubbled up from creating texture.

I believe this project turned out pretty well since I mostly winged it! For those of you who wish to replicate this project, here are a few suggestions.


                  Tips & Tricks

  • Art Deco Foil Project FinalPossibly draw your design straight onto the surface that you want to attach the foil to.
  • Make your design simple! (Mine was a little far fetched) Add the details with the texturing.
  • Use a thick, tacky, glue that will hold it’s form well.
  • Go Slow! Take your time and don’t allow the glue to bead up.
  •  Try not to bend the foil too much. This weakens it and allows it to tear easily.
  • Lastly, Have Fun!!!

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