Embrace the Rain

Sitting at work looking out the window during lunch today, I can’t help but think, did the weddings happening today prepare for this?

I always wonder how brides prepare for these situations, or do they even do anything? Do they panic or just go with the flow?

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.


If you know this might happen, come to terms with it and make a back-up plan!
For example if the wedding is outside in a tent, create a feature to catch the rain and create a waterfall. I also think this would be gorgeous behind the altar. Right? Think about it. All of those romantic scenes in movies are in the rain or under a waterfall. It would be a gorgeous picture!

Also ask the photographer to come up with some cute ideas for the pictures. Many of these include umbrellas and rain boots. Try and think of something new though!

Like bringing a change of clothes that you can wear while taking some photos in the rain. This way you can jump in puddles and dance in the rain without ruining your dress. Take some quirky photos in matching shirts, or shirts that you two designed especially for that day. Don’t be afraid to ruin them. That’s what they are for and they will just add to the memories! Take some watery paint and have some fun. You’re going to have to redo your make-up anyways!

Lastly, do what you want during the shoot. It’s quick but it can be fun!


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