Off Beat Engagement Rings

This year we are seeing some offbeat trends in the engagement ring industry!

From halos to mixed metals, we are exploring new territories.


Partially thanks to Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring, gemstones have made their way into the industry. It’s not just white sparkles anymore; throw some color into the mix too! Emeralds and sapphires are the big hits right now. If you want that color, but something less dramatic, try searching for gemstone “accented” engagement rings. This gives you a selection of rings with gemstones in the band, but they aren’t overwhelming! The majority of these colorful rings will include the gemstone in the middle with a halo of diamonds surrounding it.


Speaking of halos our next trend involves halo rings. With a center stone and multiple rings of stones surrounding the center piece, this ring is clean and classic. It’s current without being too trendy.


Another more modern trend is the twisted band rings. These sometimes give the illusion of two separate rings merged into one. For a woman who wants a clean and detailed look this is a beautiful selection. A modern ring for a modern woman, this can look like a fine piece of art, or simplicity at its best.


If you’re a very modern bride, look to the trend of mixing the metals. Many brides have decided to get a silver engagement ring and two gold bands to put on either side of the engagement ring. This style is popular in the fashion industry.


The floral trend has a touch of the whimsy style if you’re a bride who isn’t afraid to flaunt her girly side! With metal flowers appearing as extra decoration instead of diamonds, the ring artists are getting more time with metal work this year! For a more extravagant bride, how about diamonds arranged in the shape of a flower? It’s elegant and looks vintage. If you would like the whimsical look with less flare go for a ring that has etchings instead of stones or metal work.

I have to say I love all of these trends and would recommend an engagement ring in any of these styles.


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