Fall Brings Rich Colors … and Football!

With the NFL’s first season game on September 5, some couples may be planning for their football themed wedding this fall. Yes, that’s right, their football wedding!

Food and Photo Credit: Peter Callahan

Food and Photo Credit: Peter Callahan

This trend has increased over the years to become a commonality. From a football stance in the engagement and wedding photos, to their college mascots making an appearance at their reception. Football is a big part of American culture and a big part of some couples lives.

In some cases football teams might determine if a couple even stays together! Some may not even consider dating a fan of their rival team.

When it comes down to planning the wedding for these football fiends, it may be subtle or spiraling right into your face!

To make your wedding have the classic and elegant feel and include your team at the same time, use the colors, logo or mascot in the small details.

For example you could use them on place cards, centerpieces, ties for the groomsmen, the ring bearer, the bridal bouquet, and even the names for the tables. Be creative!

If your wedding is centered around your team, like we say at The University of Iowa, go big or go home! Have your cake or deserts football themed or have them be the colors of your team. Or you could have a football sticking out of your cake!

When it comes to your food, never settle for the regular grilled chicken and mashed potatoes. Make it fun!

For example a football dinner can give you many chances to get creative. Have some cheeseburger and chicken sliders, steak, or ribs. All of those are game-day worthy.

For appetizers and cocktail hour bring out the finger foods. Pigs in a blanket, nachos, and deviled eggs. If you’re needing your veggies stick them on a skewer and grill them up.

All of these ideas are fun and easy to accomplish and make it look clean and simple.

But always, always, remember; NEVER have your wedding on a game-day. Unless it’s a night game and your ceremony is in the morning. That would be a great day!


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