Small Business Life

Employees are the backbone and blood of businesses, both large and small. Giving the business life and energy that no amount of objects can fill.

Small businesses rely on their employees personalities very much. It’s a possibility that this could make or break the chance of you getting a job in a small business.

As we are hiring at the store right now it is one of the main things that is looked at when interviewing an employee. The owner asks if we think they would fit in and work well with everyone, and if they are “worthy” of being an employee at the store.

Because of this kind of atmosphere in small businesses it is the very reason why I have refused to work for a large corporation since I started applying for jobs in high school.

I love the small tight knit community, the feeling that those around you are your second family. With such a good group of people, work doesn’t seem like work at times because you are among friends.

When applying for a small business you have to be ready to roll with the punches.

There will be times when you are busy to the point of insanity! (Like our one year anniversary!) During these times you have to be able to keep your cool and take it one customer at a time. If you do this and try to be as efficient as possible customers will be happy, and so will you.

Some punches that you may have to absorb can do with an employee shortage. That’s what we are going through right now at the shop. We have lost a couple of employees and with the approaching school year we are losing time from others who have commitments to organizations related to the university.

For example I went from working three shifts during the week in June, and now I’m working five shifts or more during the week! I’m exhausted but happy because I love my job.

If you can handle the punches and expect them to come in advance there is no reason why you should stress out about working for a small business!

This is one of the many reasons why I want to open up a small business myself. I would love to be able to hire people that are enthusiastic about working for a small company and have a personality that represents the store and myself.


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