Changing Leaves, Changing Trends: Themes and Colors

As fall nears, teasing us with it’s cool weather, trends will change with the leaves.

This season there were many trends focused on the vintage and rustic style. This rustic style includes burlap, lace, and twine.

A burlap and lace table runner featured in

A burlap and lace table runner featured in

Lace could be seen wrapped around mason jars, the bouquet, on the dress, and many more places.

Where there was lace there was twine making a bow at the top of the mason jar, wrapped around wine bottles, or any other little place that needed more embellishment.

Burlap, which is usually used to bag potatoes, was now being used on seats at the ceremony, on the dinner tables, and could also be seen creatively used in the wedding favors.

Although I love all of these things because I grew up in the Midwest and love the vintage look, they are being over used and it’s time for the trend to die down.

As the colors of the leaves change from lush green to gold, bronze, and amber, the colors of weddings will change as well. From flower inspired pastels to deep autumn purples, greens, reds, and oranges.

Bridal bouquet featured on

Bridal bouquet featured on

I think these colors are gorgeous. They are rich, and can make the smallest of weddings seem elegant without going overboard. Especially if you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) bride. The DIY movement is really big right now with the economy in a rut.

From invitations to center pieces, big or small, brides are getting their craft on to take a shortcut in their wedding expenses.

But don’t be fooled! Some things are better off going to a professional source. They get discounts because they purchase things in mass quantity and have several means that you may not have at home. Do some research before you blow your budget at Michael’s!

With DIY so high up in trends there is one other thing that is not too far behind, green weddings. From decomposable invitations that have wildflower seeds in them to earth-friendly wedding rings made from recycled gold.

Engagement ring featured on

Engagement ring featured on

The younger generations are becoming more aware of the state that the Earth is in and what they have to do to reverse it, even if it means spending a little bit more to buy recycled items for the wedding.

One idea that I love to go green is to use vintage engagement and wedding rings. I love the delicacy and intricacy of the jewelry from the past. I encourage any brides to look into this idea!


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