“1 Year. 1 Good Lookin’ Staff. 1 Too Many Cupcakes.”

After 1 year of being open the store had to celebrate in a big way. And how did we do that? With $1 cupcakes of course!

3 Bags of 2 boxes, over 100 four boxes, and 18 six boxes. We were out of 4's in less than 2 hours.

3 Bags of 2 boxes, over 100 four boxes, and 18 six boxes. We were out of 4’s in less than 2 hours.

Driving to the store in the morning all I could think about was how many people would be lined up in front of the store to make sure they got their favorite cupcakes. Fast walking the five blocks from the ramp to the store, my heart was racing and the last corner was up ahead. I turned and to my surprise… nobody. It was almost 11:30am and we open at noon.

Where was everyone? I must have over estimated the turn out.

Inside, the store was total chaos. There were cupcakes on every surface, counters, tables, and bar. I immediately got to work, not even caring to clock in yet, I could do that later.

When the clock was about to strike twelve, I glanced outside and saw the onset of a crowd. All at once the employees started to sing “The Final Countdown” by Europe. We all laughed and one coworker said that she would “see us on the other side,” if we all made it to the end of our shift that was.

The doors opened and within seconds we had our first sale.

I didn’t leave from behind that counter for hours. All I saw was a line, cupcakes, and money. After two hours of the nonstop customers we sold out of 14 dozen of our top selling cupcake, and I finally clocked in. Little did I know that the line I saw stretched all the way down the block.


The line stretching from the store down the block. Picture credited to Heidi Zenisek.

Two hours later we were baking more cupcakes as fast as we could, just to hold out for a little bit longer.

Once 4:30pm came around it was time for me to leave with the chef and set up a wedding 20 minutes away. When we left there was barely anything left except the specialty cupcakes we hastily rebaked, and our classic flavors. All I could think of was that we wouldn’t be open much longer.

Sitting down in that van to make the wedding delivery was a sigh of relief. To get away from the chaos of the store was a blessing. Even more relaxing was the vineyard where the wedding was taking place. The rolling hills and grapes made the area picturesque.

The setup went very smoothly and we were able to get in and out of the wedding without a problem. The stand was gorgeous. I had seen cake stands made out of tree stumps, but never a cupcake tree… literally!20130728_172127

Getting back to the store, the chef and I were surprised to see customers coming in and buying things, until we got to the front and realized that all we had left were bars and mini cupcakes. After arriving we sold out in less than half an hour.

We made over 100 dozen cupcakes, and we usually bake half that, or less, for a Sunday. That’s what we sold in six hours of sheer chaos and cupcakes.


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