A Sexy Bride with Class

As trends come and go there are always brides who want to feel sexy on their big day. From see-through bodices to low cut bare backs that threaten a peak of a plumbers crack, women find their own personal way to feel sexy.

This years biggest trend to be a sexy bride is the off-the-should neckline. This look accentuates the collar bone and the sleek and feminine shoulders of the bride.

RK525 by Romona Keveza Collection

RK525 by Romona Keveza Collection

The feminine neckline can be found in many different styles to suit any bride who wishes it. From sleek and modern satin dresses to feminine lace gowns they are flattering on those who feel like a strapless dress just isn’t as supportive as they would like.

The downfalls to this still of dress include the constriction of the straps and the glaring fact that women with “man shoulders” would not be deemed flattering in this dress.

With some of these dresses being supported by the bodice and the straps which means that the straps are stiff to support the weight of the rest of the dress. The stiffness prohibits brides from raising her arms above her shoulders. Forcing the bride to give awkward waist hugs and not being able to “raise the roof” on the dance floor.

If you are a bride who likes to hit the dance floor with her girls a suggestion of a second dress in this case would be ideal. You get the flattering and sophisticated look of the off-the shoulder neckline for the ceremony, and the fun, light, and moveable dress for the reception (which would be more comfortable by the end of the night!).

DJ1383 by Essense of Australia

DJ1383 by Essense of Australia

Unfortunately some of us inherit the broad shoulders from our ancestors and cannot bare to wear strapless shirts and dresses, or even tank tops because they feel uncomfortable. In this case if you are one of these girls you can choose a close sister dress, the cap sleeve.

The cap sleeve still gives the bare chest and classy look as the off-the-shoulder neckline but gives more support, and can hide those manly shoulders that some brides just can’t stand!

Cap sleeves also give you the chance for a sexy key hole back! This can be just as flattering as the bare shoulder look (as long as you don’t go too low with that cut of course!).

In my opinion I’d rather have cap sleeves with a key hole back. I like the additional support for my dress so I don’t have to worry about it ever slipping down. Plus I love the ability to have a keyhole back. I’ve always loved how elegant it can look without being too scandalous.

Which would you rather have? Off-the-shoulder or Cap sleeve?


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