Photos, Cupcakes, and Connections

20130719_124720Working at the cupcake store for almost a year now, I’m still surprised what happens on a daily basis. From walking in to cupcake bins everywhere to a journalist in the doorway creating a tournament of cakes versus pies.

Just the other day I was shocked, once again, by a photographer and writer from Midwest Living Magazine. They came to take pictures of the cupcakes, workers, and of course the customers devouring our cupcakes.

Having this job I never thought I would be able to meet people in my industry. And yet they are in the store all the time doing articles and fun things for the local news station.

They came in with cameras, bags, and lights. Setting up equipment to capture the store and all of it’s childlike atmosphere. They fawned over the cupcakes in the case as I told them about the best sellers and the famous cupcake from Cupcakes Wars. Yet the campus favorite, filled with cookie dough of course, caught their eye.

While one of our guests was eating their cupcake and cookie concoction I was able to talk to her about Midwest Living and the Meredith Corp. With the Midwest Living home so close (Des Moines) I was excited to think about the fact that I could possibly get an internship so close to home. But that pull inside wants to travel back to New York or one of the other major cities and get the feel of working for a magazine in the big city.

Enough about me back to the shoot!

After filling a bakers dozen box for the photographer I told them about the cupcakes, the names and some of the stories behind the names. One of our best sellers is named after the founders friend who made a deal to promote our delicious cupcakes if we named a cupcake after him. It’s always good to have a few stories to tell about the store to the customers!

After watching them work during my shift and take a couple of pictures with my phone, (quality wasn’t great but that’s all I had at the time!) I ended my shift and asked them for some advice on applying for internships.

Walking out of the store that day I felt that I would be able to find an internship somewhere that I would like. I’m always worried about not being able to fit in or get along with people but as I’ve been around the journalism community more and more, I’ve seen that so many people are nice and willing to help you reach your goals.

Maybe this new connection will lead me somewhere, or maybe it won’t. All I do know is that my job allowed me to meet some people who encouraged me to go on with my dreams.

I love my job.


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