A Boss Being Nice… Doesn’t Mean You’ll be Happy… At First.

Just yesterday (July 13) I was expecting to have a full day of weddings, cupcakes, and chaos at the store. Anticipating on getting to work around 7am and not leaving until 7pm, I made sure that I had nothing planned for the night before. I was anxious to get in and work on the cupcakes.

To me there is nothing more fulfilling than finishing a wedding and looking at what I have accomplished. Having four weddings in one day and doing them all would be a HUGE undertaking that I was ready to go up against.

I wanted that badge of honor. I wanted nothing more than to tell my family and friends that I had done four weddings in a day (with the help of coworkers of course).

But, to my utter bewilderment Jam (aka Jamie), my boss, had told me that she could cover the two weddings that were due at 10am and that I didn’t have to come in until noon.

At this point all I could think was, “Okay… I get to sleep in a little bit longer. No big deal.” I told her that I would call her when I woke up in case she needed my help. Secretly pleading that she would need me because I wanted to see the completed orders!

At 8:3oam on July 13 I called Jam and she said that the orders were almost done and didn’t need any help with them, but to call her at noon to see if they needed in help at the time.

So just before noon I called her. She told me that the others were done as well! How in the world could she get so much done so quickly?! I was astonished and I told her that I would be in for my regular shift in a couple of hours.

Once I ended the call I realized I was actually very upset that she didn’t need me, or want me there to help her. I decided I would talk to her about it once I got to work. I wanted her to know that I love to work on the orders. It’s my favorite part of my job.

After venting my feelings to a fellow staff member I was informed that my boss was just trying to be nice and didn’t want to overwork me because she knew that I would be there all day, and by another that she had been frosting (which isn’t even part of her job). I was both relieved and grateful for the fact that my coworkers had told me.

Here I was thinking that she didn’t want me there! How silly of me!

Shortly after my boss walked in, looking tired and disheveled. I immediately felt bad that she hadn’t asked me to come in to work. Right away I told her that it was nice of her to let me have the day off, but if she needed me she could ask me to come in. I expected that with my job and I didn’t feel overworked, it was others who felt that way. Not me.

BRING ON THE FULL DAYS! I LOVE EM! Adrenaline, Cupcakes, and Frosting Galore!


When she asked me if it had been slow and if she could steal me away for the last wedding delivery (the one that I had reallllyyyy wanted to go to), I of course said yes I would go and I would get as much done as possible at the store so if it got busy my coworker would be set while we were gone.

The setup was great. Everything went smoothly without a hitch! And I got to see the vision that the bride had for her wedding. This one was very casual but elegantly done. Located in the main ballroom at the Iowa Memorial Union, the setting was formal but the desserts were playful, as well as the bag toss to the side of the tables (what a great idea!).

Overall the day was great. Even with a few customers that could have been problematic, nothing is a better cure than a good mood (along with the help from some coffee), and the day went by smoothly.

I walked out of the store that night feeling the best I’ve felt in a while.


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