The Name is Where it All Starts

Coming up with a name is never the easiest thing for me. It takes me forever to even decide what book I want to read!

I first started jotting down possible names during the Summer of 2012. That Summer my mom had convinced me, after being confused about my second major, that I should get some sort of education that I could put to use for my dream wedding store. Why hadn’t I thought of that before?!

Every week when I went to my statistics class, where I was immensely bored out of my gourd, I started fiddling with names in the back of my notebook. I was messing with things such as Celtic words (I’m obsessed with Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series at the moment), but nothing seemed right. So I started looking elsewhere for inspiration.

That’s when I went home one night and decided to relax with one of my favorite old musicals Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. During my favorite part when all of the girls are stuck on the farm because the avalanche engulfed the pass they were singing about being a bride in the spring. “They say when you’re married in June, you’re a bride, all your life.”

That was it. I was sold on the name, and loved that it was inspired from something I love.


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