President Obama’s Budget Scale – IDV Analysis Post

The interactive data visualization (IDV) for the President Obama’s budget for 2014 by The New York Times, is a very well done and detailed IDV.

I like how the New York Times added a link to the related article at the top underneath the description. The only thing about this is that you might not get as much traffic on the IDV as it would if it were incorporated into the article page.

I also like the excessive detail that is put into the graph. The New York Times took a simple bar graph and turned it into an informative piece of data that people like to interact with and look at what all the information is. The way the set up the bars was ingenious. The way they broke it down into categories and different subjects to compare to others is great information that people always wonder about when looking at statistics.

One of the things that I did not like about this IDV is that it is distracting to go through the different sections of the bars and have all the others change with it. I wish there was a setting that you could change so that you were able to go through the bars individually and then change it so that you can look at them all at once.

Overall I felt that this IDV was very well done by the New York Times because of the detail and simplicity of the graph itself and the addition of the link to the article was great.


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