Honey Bee Shortage Worries Farmers – Video Analysis Post

A Disastrous Year for Bees” by The New York Times informs us about how the large quantity of deaths among the bee population will have a huge impact on our nations food supply.  A disease that people believe is from the new insecticides that are being used on crops may be the leading contributor to this epidemic.

Honey bee’s help pollinate many major food sources from melons to apples. This issue had started a couple of years ago and if it is not confronted soon there will be a large shortage of food in the years to come.

I found this to be a well done video story because of the natural sound from the bees and being able to see what the lack of honey bees is doing to the environment. Especially seeing the lack of growth on the flowering trees was a very nice visual. I also noticed that they use several different angles for their shots. From the wide view to the close up of the bees on the trees. Even though they use a panning shot and we were told to steer clear of that I think it was done very well in this video.

The only thing that I found was not done very well was when they were talking to the owner of Big Sky Honey, William Dahle. The bees next to the camera were making so much noise that it was hard to hear him at times. I had to strain my ears to catch what he was saying.

Overall I think this was a good topic to use for a video story. There is a lot of shots that the videographer was able to capture and make the story that much more appealing to it’s audience.


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