Montgomery County Segregates Prom – Audio Slideshow Analysis

This audio slideshow story from The New York Times about Montgomery County High School, in Mount Vernon, Georgia is a good slideshow I believe.

I think this is a good audio slideshow because you are able to visually see the segregation between the two proms. You are able to see the emotion and the visual factors as well as hear the tension and emotion in the voices of those who are talking. The way they incorporated people who are connected to one another and the way that it affects their friendships not just their family members was nice.

We were able to hear from best friends who couldn’t go to prom together because of their race and they don’t think that is right. To hear their voice react to what they are talking about, and be able to put a face to a voice makes this story much more personal than it would have been if it were just a text story.

The things that I don’t think they did well in this slideshow is that I would have liked to know a little bit of background. If it was a text story they probably would have included more background other than what was on the first few slides of this story. I also think that they left the end hanging. Leaving it as they did made me feel like I had only heard half of the story.

The photos chosen didn’t make for a very compelling story just by themselves. I would have liked to see some photos of the best friends helping each other get ready for the others prom while they were speaking about how they couldn’t even go to prom together. That would have made it feel more personal as well. In general I think they could have used better pictures to tell the story.


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