Teenager Immolates at Roman Airport – Audio Analysis

This story posted on ABC News was very tragic and surprising.

A 19 year old immolated at an airport in Rome due to the fact that they were about to get deported. The incident was seen by Europe correspondent Philip Williams.

I liked that the story was told from a first person point of view. We got an account of what people saw and heard during the incident and what was going through their heads. I also liked how they included the audio from the original, unedited, story. This allowed me to hear the anxiety and surprise in the reporters voice. The alarm going off in the background also added depth to the story.

What I didn’t like was that the story could have easily been in text and it would not have lost much depth. There were not any natural sounds besides the alarm going off in the background to make the story interesting. I would have also liked to know a little bit more about who this kid was. We got some of the details of why they might have immolated but we got no sense of who they really were. We had no connection to the kid so we don’t feel much for them.

This story worked well as an audio story because of the original audio from when the reporter was at the airport and did not know what was really going on. He was like any other person in that situation so we were able to be in his shoes so to say and experience it with him.


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